Digital signatures are here.

Wait, what? Digital signatures — on DMV documents? Yes, we mean exactly that. Digital Signatures in DMVdesk fulfills the promise of digitally signing forms, even those with an odometer disclosure.

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Platform Features

  • Take advantage of powerful eFiling designed to fit any dealership
  • Know the eFile status of vehicles in one glance
  • View and edit deal information on a single page
  • Review important eFile information prior to submission to DMV
  • Send plates and stickers directly to your customers
  • Generate and print additional DMV forms with just a few clicks
California vehicle efiling process for car dealers

With you at every step.

Create and print VROS and Temp Tags

Plate Fulfillment

DMVdesk’s fulfillment center sends license plates, registration cards and stickers straight to your customers.

California plate and sticker fulfillment


Our experts, well-versed in DMV policies and procedures, audit each and every deal. If the team finds errors, it works with you to resolve them.

Vehicle inventory tool for California car dealers


Local, California-based experts are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to answer title and registration questions.

Create and print VROS and Temp Tags

Account Executives

They check in regularly to review the latest DMV changes and help streamline your dealership’s workflows.

California plate and sticker fulfillment

Response Team

A full-time team of registration professionals is available to assist with titling and registration to give your dealership flexibility with staffing during short-term and extended leave.

California plate and sticker fulfillment

Special Processing Unit

The SPU team deals with items that cannot be completed through eFile, dramatically reducing your processing time.

Inquiries and Reports

California Vehicle Inquiries: KSR, NMVTIS and more
  • Run KSR, NMVTIS, Theft & Lien and Safety Recall reports
  • Easy-to-read reports instantly give you the information you need
  • Built-in and customizable reporting gives insight into your dealership

Did you know — DMVdesk offers this and much more?

Tracking number for California license plates

We use shipping with a tracking number so customers can check the status of their license plate, registration card and sticker.

Lease buyout option for California vehicle

When eFiling, the lease buyout option helps you avoid VLF reclassification fees.

Print on the California vehicle title

Easily print on the back of a California title, including owner and dealership information.

Fee calculator for California new car dealers

Our fee calculator lets you select fee exemptions for more accurate fee estimates.

Vehicle inventory in California vehicle dealerships

Our Vehicle Inventory tool keeps track of unsold inventory and calculates registration fees for new and used vehicles.

Scanning DMV paperwork for California car dealerships

DMVdesk scans every deal and provides access to them from the Logbook and Bundles pages.

Customer address validation for California car dealerships

DMVdesk validates each customer address, ensuring accuracy and quick  deliveries.

Refunds for customers for new vehicle regsitrations

If your customer overpaid any fees, DMVdesk can issue refund checks at your request.

Auditing and bundle check for vehicle registration

Bundle error notifications alert you of errors on submitted paperwork, giving you time to resolve fixable errors.

Vitu Interstate is built right into DMVdesk

If you use DMVdesk, try out Vitu Interstate today. Look for it in Online Utilities or when creating a Report of Sale.

Strategic partnerships with DMVdesk.

Representing the interests of approximately 1,200 franchised new car and truck dealer members, the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) values the partnership with Vitu (MVSC) in endorsing DMVdesk. Our partnership has produced several innovations and technological advances — all to improve our members’ efficiency, legal compliance and business practices.

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The California Motorcycle Dealers Association (CMDA) is the nation’s largest motorcycle dealer trade association. In realizing the needs of motorcycle, powersports and RV dealerships, CMDA endorses DMVdesk as its preferred electronic title and registration solution.

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