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License plates fulfilment in california state
Plate Fulfillment

With DMVdesk’s fulfillment center, customers directly receive their license plates, registration card and sticker with unprecedented speed.

Auditing paperwork for car dealers in california state

Each and every deal is audited by experts well-versed in DMV policies and procedures. If errors are found on submitted paperwork, the audit team works with you to resolve any issues prior to sending to DMV.

24 hour customer support for car dealers in california state

Local, California-based experts are available by phone 24/7/365 to answer any title and registration questions. Additionally, online chat, email and screen sharing options are available and staffed by the same team members.

Account executive visits to all our customer vehicle dealerships
Account Executives

In-person visits at your dealership ensure all your needs are met, including answering questions on how to use DMVdesk, reviewing the latest DMV policies and procedures, and helping streamline the entire title and registration process for your dealership.

Experienced vehicle title registration professionals available for assistance
Response Team

A full-time team of registration professionals is available to assist with titling and registration to give your dealership flexibility with staffing during short-term and extended leave.

Strategic Partnerships with DMVdesk.

California Car Dealers Association

Representing the interests of approximately 1,200 franchised new car and truck dealer members, the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) values the partnership with Vitu (MVSC) in endorsing DMVdesk. Since our partnership began in 2014, several innovations and advances in technology have occurred as a direct response to our collaboration — all designed to improve our members’ efficiency with title and registration, legal compliance and business practices.

Committed to advancing sound policy initiatives that promote industry growth and support dealership success, CNCDA recognizes that Vitu’s expertise makes them a powerful ally in this legislative advocacy work.

Working together, CNCDA and Vitu are continuously moving our industry forward.

California Motorcycle Dealers Association

The California Motorcycle Dealers Association (CMDA) is the nation’s largest motorcycle dealer trade association, promoting the positive aspects of the Motorcycle and Motorsports industry for the benefit of all the authorized or franchised dealer members in California. CMDA extends the influence of the industry while providing incentives for more customers to visit your dealership — assuring the long-term stability of your customer base and promoting the sport.

In realizing the needs of motorcycle, powersports and RV dealerships, CMDA endorses DMVdesk as its preferred electronic title and registration solution. Packed with features that directly benefit your dealership, DMVdesk has everything you need — right now — to make a difference in your vehicle sales process. This includes a full range of services such as easy eFiling of motorcycles and powersports vehicles, real-time plate fulfillment, and a full-service team that provides 24-hour phone support and in-person dealership visits.

Standing behind DMVdesk is a team of industry experts who speak your language and have your best interests in mind. This includes listening closely to the needs of your dealership as well as working with CMDA on effective changes that further streamline the vehicle sales process. With dealerships, CMDA and DMVdesk all working together, you are practically guaranteed to benefit from the latest innovations that positively impact your vehicle sales and your customers.

Here’s what our clients have been saying.

"I would recommend DMVdesk to any dealer looking to improve their DMV process. DMVdesk’s great product and dedication to customer service makes them a perfect First Line Service Provider!"
Kevin Hochman, Esq.
Keyes Motors, Inc. Van Nuys, California

"DMVdesk has been an outstanding partner for Shaver Automotive Group, Inc. for over three years. They have the best customer service. There is always someone available if you have a question or a problem.

Their software is extremely efficient. By switching to DMVdesk we have cut our DMV processing time in half. The reports are easy to run and easy to read. The daily email of deals due is a great tool and has cut our ASF fees."

Natalie Martinez
Shaver Auto Group, Inc. Thousand Oaks, California

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