The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) discloses essential information that safeguards dealers and consumers from fraud and dangerous vehicles. Under federal law, insurance companies, salvage and junkyards, salvage auctions and some towing companies are required to report junk or salvage vehicles to NMVTIS. Included in the report is the essential data intended to prevent auto fraud. From verifying that the title is valid to checking for odometer fraud, the NMVITS report is absolutely essential.

DMVdesk is an authorized provider of NMVTIS inquiry reports.

Be safe and check the history on a used vehicle before you purchase it.

  • Check the vehicle title history of any vehicle via national database (NMVTIS)
  • Check the vehicle history to ensure it has not been junked, salvaged, or flooded

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NMVTIS reports are designed to be concise with essential information on five key indicators. The report brevity ensures consumers can quickly view all the vital information you need in order to make a safe vehicle purchase. If your report results return empty that is a positive result for the vehicle history.

Since it’s designed to protect against fraud and theft, consumers are strongly advised to get an NMVTIS Vehicle History Report before purchasing a vehicle. The NMVTIS 5 key indicators give you essential information on your vehicle:

  1. Current State of Title and Last Title Date
  2. Brand history
  3. Odometer reading
  4. Total loss history
  5. Salvage history

The more information you have, the more informed your decision will be. Consider getting an independent vehicle inspection as well as consulting other available vehicle information resources.

The information in a NMVTIS report can help a used car manager avoid buying vehicles that have a questionable history. An NMVTIS report can also assist business offices in determining where the vehicle is currently titled. California Law requires that dealers run NMVTIS reports prior to offering used vehicles for retail sale. If a vehicle has a brand, total loss, or salvage history, then a cautionary red sticker must be placed in the window to alert consumers to its title history. When the report shows a brand, a copy of the report must be provided to a buyer upon request.