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Vitu Interstate — National Title & reg Built into DMVdesk.

Say Hello To Your New Out-of-state Title & Reg Partner.

Do you find yourself struggling with your out-of-state title and registration process — switching between different applications or vendors? Maybe you just need a hand to work through all the chaos. Whether you simply want to know the fees your customer will pay or prefer us to register the vehicle on behalf of your dealership, Vitu is ready to serve all your out-of-state needs.

Full Service Titling & Registration takes the stress away

Our three levels of service employ powerful tools to save your dealership time and money; in fact, we designed them with this purpose in mind. No more calling up other states or sifting through confusing websites — potentially making buyers wait. Vitu Interstate is built into your DMVdesk workflow, so that it’s a single, smooth process.

And with Vitu Interstate’s Full Service solution, tell your customers, “Congratulations on your new purchase! We’ll finish up the title and registration for you.” Yeah, you read that right. After the documents are signed, we take over, working with your buyers’ local jurisdictions to title and register the vehicle. We even deliver the plates, registration and stickers. Like always, stay up-to-date on every step of the process in Vitu.

Stay up to date with a visual timeline for vehicle registration deals

There is just no comparison

If you are currently using another provider for your out-of-state title and registration needs, take a look at some features you may be missing out on.

Everything is in one place when you use DMVdesk

Single Platform

When you use Vitu title and reg solutions, there’s no switching back and forth with other services, remembering different passwords or struggling to get deals imported. With everything in one place, creating, uploading and tracking deals is a breeze.

Lowest rejection rate in the industry

Lowest Rejection Rate in the Industry

Our Full Service title and reg solution offers the lowest rejection rate in the industry. Scan your paperwork and we check for errors before you even mail the final, original documents to Vitu.

Call us and talk to real people with real answers

Phone Support and More

Do you have a question about a deal or maybe need some technical help? We are always just a phone call away — real people with real answers. And if you don't want to talk on the phone, take advantage of our chat and email support.

Three Levels Of Service.

Vitu takes the guesswork out of calculating fees outside of California and manages the title and registration paperwork from the beginning. Save your sales team and registration office valuable time and effort with powerful tools right at your fingertips.

Choose which level of service is right for you.

Fee Estimates

With the most up-to-date information available, Vitu provides detailed fee estimates for registering a vehicle outside California.

  • On-demand fee calculation backed by our national support team
  • An itemized and state-specific estimate listing the fees needed to register the vehicle


In addition to Fee Estimates, easily create ready to sign title & registration forms for your customer’s state.

  • Easy-to-read checklists, plus any additional documentation needed
  • Generate and print pre-populated forms for your buyer's state — ready to sign

Full Service

Send the deal to us and we’ll take care it from start to finish. Our all-inclusive Full Service also provides Fee Calculation and pre-populated forms.

  • Upload signed documents for review before mailing them to us
  • Comprehensive audit and submission of paperwork to your customer’s local jurisdiction
  • Direct delivery of stickers and registration cards to your dealership or your customer (your choice)

All levels of service include complimentary phone, email and chat support. Let us help you with any questions you or your buyer may have.

Experience National Expertise at your Fingertips

  • Knowledgeable professionals work directly with you to facilitate the out-of-state process
  • Phone, email and chat support answer all your questions when you need it
Review detailed out-of-state vehicle fee estimates

Vitu Interstate serves all of your national title & reg needs

BTW, we cover Alaska and Hawaii too — we mean it when we say all fifty states.

Play the video below to see Vitu Interstate in action.

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