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Vitu Interstate — National Title & reg Built into DMVdesk.

Your out-of-state Title & Reg partner.

Out-of-state transactions got you flustered, scrambling between applications or calling up local jurisdictions? Vitu Interstate does it all, from calculating fee estimates to creating pre-populated forms to finishing up the application for you.

Vitu Interstate is built right into DMVdesk.

If you use DMVdesk, try out Vitu Interstate today.
Look for it in Online Utilities or when creating a Report of Sale.

Full service titling & registration takes the stress away

Vitu offers three levels of service to accommodate the different out-of-state deals your dealership may encounter. If an out-of-state customer comes in, inquiring about the potential fees or looking to fully title and register their vehicle, we have the perfect tool to meet their requests.

With full service, you can leave it to us. After the buyer has signed the documents, we finish up the transaction, working with buyers’ local jurisdictions and delivering plates, registration and stickers. We’ll keep you posted on the process in Vitu, every step of the way.

Stay up to date with a visual timeline for vehicle registration deals


No matter which level you choose, you’ll have access to our unbeatable customer support. Whatever you need, we’re there.

Which level of service is right for you?

Fee estimate

  • On-demand fee calculation, always updated with the latest information
  • Create an itemized and state-specific estimate listing all fees


  • Fee estimate
  • Easy-to-read checklist, plus any necessary additional documents
  • Generate and print pre-populated forms, ready to sign anytime

Full service

  • Fee estimate
  • Forms
  • Upload signed documents for us to audit, before mailing them to Vitu
  • We submit paperwork to your customer’s local jurisdiction
  • We deliver stickers and reg cards to your dealership or customer

Single platform

Create, upload and track deals all in one place, with Vitu Interstate.

Lowest rejection rate in the industry

Using our full service, you can scan your paperwork, and we check for errors before you even mail the final paperwork to us.

Personalized 24/7 support

Ask us, through in-app messages or phone, for any questions.

Experience national expertise at your fingertips

  • Knowledgeable professionals work directly with you to facilitate the out-of-state process
  • In-app messaging and phone support answer all your questions when you need it
Review detailed out-of-state vehicle fee estimates

Vitu Interstate serves all of your national title & reg needs.

Play the video below to see Vitu Interstate in action.

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