We are here for you — unburdening your fleet's DMV needs

Service Features
  • We’ll track registration renewal dates and automatically renew your fleet vehicles, if you'd like
  • We’ll print and send registration cards/stickers from our fulfillment center
  • We’ll send updated registration cards/stickers to your main office, or, if desired, directly to the vehicle location
Customer Benefits
  • See your fleet status at-a-glance
  • Upload current insurance, smog and other documents for your vehicles
  • Keep your vehicles up-to-date in registration compliance
  • Review all your fees in one place with powerful filtering options
Get registration cards and stickers sent directly to the vehicle location
Having all the paperwork in for each vehicle is one thing, but is it getting to the right place? When a vehicle renewal is processed, you can rest easy knowing that our fulfillment center will quickly send out registration cards and stickers to the location you specify. When you set up your account with DMVdesk Fleet Services, we'll make sure your office and garage locations throughout the state are covered. All you have to do is put the registration card in the glove box and place the sticker on the vehicle.
Gain insight with any upcoming registration renewals
Keeping track of the vehicles that need to be renewed each month can be cumbersome, and sometimes, paperwork just seems to slip through the cracks. With the Workboard, you know exactly how many vehicle registrations are expiring within 75 days, along with the registration fees due.
Keeping your fleet registration compliant matters to us

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