The Optimized Vehicle Registration Solution

With a complete range of features and services, DMVdesk empowers dealerships with the tools to complete transactions quickly, accurately and in full compliance. Partner with the only provider that enables you to reach optimum efficiency.

Innovation Powered
by DMVdesk

Driven by forward thinking and constantly improved with user feedback, DMVdesk was the first to introduce centralized plate fulfillment, all-encompassing support, logbook and numerous dashboard features, and virtual Reports of Sale. Cutting-edge technology ensures seamless and secure DMS data import for virtually every deal.

True End-to-End
Deal Processing

At every step, DMVdesk guides you through the registration process. From eFiling through our intuitive interface, importing deal data daily and walking troubled deals into the DMV, to same-day plate and registration sticker fulfillment and refund check processing, DMVdesk covers all your bases. Get full control over your deals from the logbook.

Extensive Tracking
and Reports

Know the status of your deals instantly. Automatic error notifications and regular monitoring keep you informed of each deal’s status and reduce delays. Get the vehicle background reports you need with integrated access to national vehicle databases. DMVdesk helps you make informed vehicle purchases.

Service and Support

Account Executives make monthly visits to your dealership. Temp professionals fill short-term staffing gaps and provide registration processing. Audit professionals review each deal. DMVdesk always has your back – even on holidays – in-person or through online chat, email and 24/7 California-based phone support.

DMV Training

Our comprehensive Registration Management Professional (RMP) training curriculum conveniently keeps dealership personnel current on Department of Motor Vehicles regulations. With over 100 classes held at 11 locations statewide, it’s always easy to brush up on your DMV knowledge.